Workshop Rates

If you think you have a hardware issue, or if remote support was unsucccessful then bring your device in and one of our experienced techs will help you.

Service Charges
Standard: $110 per hour
Priority: $110 per hour + $50 priority upgrade fee

Typical Problems, and what to do

If you are still unsure, call us on 03 6235 5010

Viruses, Spyware & Trojans
If your computer is acting strangely, has become suddenly slow, has a huge number of popups or either your antivirus or a “bogus antivirus” is telling you that you have a virus follow these steps:

  1. In your browser, navigate to
  2. If you can not get onto that page, then you should bring the computer in to our workshop. or
  3. If you can navigate to that page, then call us on 03 6235 5020 for our service department to arrange a remote support session. If we can not resolve the issue for you remotely, then we will not charge you and give you the option of bringing it into our workshop.

No picture on the screen
If your computer turns on but has no picture on the screen, then bring it into our workshop and we will give you options. Typically this is either caused due to a fault with a screen or it could be a major fault with a component such as your motherboard. On dropping it in, we should be able to make a call as to what it is so that you can decide if you would like us to attempt to fix it.

Apple Mac repairs
We repair Apple computers. Our technicians can fix both Mac and PC software related issues and we can fix most Apple hardware issues for less than if you take it to the Mac repair agent when it is outside of warranty.

Computer doesnt turn on
For a desktop it is usually fairly easy and economical to fix. The issue may be a power supply or another component inside the computer could be faulty, which stops it from booting.

This is often caused by an issue with your laptop’s power connector inside your laptop or by your power supply. Either way, we can usually resolve this fairly economically.

If your tablet is not turning on the first step would be to try a second charger and make sure that it is not an issue with the charger. If the issue is not the charger then it can often be uneconomical to fix, however if you want a second opinion then bring it into our workshop for a diagnosis.

Computer turns on but doesn’t boot
If your computer turns on and its not getting into Windows or Mac OSX then you may have a software issue with the operating system or you may have a faulty hard disk. This type of issue is usually economical to fix and requires you to bring your computer into our workshop.

liquids into your laptop
Immediately turn your computer off – and do not attempt to start it! Doing so might short circuit components.

Follow these steps:

  1. Attempt to dry the computer off from the outside as much as you can
  2. Bring it into our workshop, we will disassemble the computer, clean the liquids off and reassemble and cross our fingers and hope for the best!

Computer is running slowly
This type of job is usually easily done remotely, saving you from bringing the computer in or being without it for days. It may be that the computer needs a clean up, has some unwanted programs installed, has a virus or needs a ram upgrade.
You can simply go to and then call us to book a remote job in while you are in front of your computer.

Cracked or bleeding laptop screen
We stock most common models of notebook screens. Some of the less common screen types will require us to order a replacement screen in and in a few cases it is not economical to fix. The first step is to bring it into our workshop. Even if it is not economical to fix, we can always help you get your files off the laptop, or assist in converting your laptop into a desktop computer using an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Lost or forgotten password
If you have forgotten your password, we have several methods that we can follow to help reset your password. Bring your computer into our workshop and we will assist you.

Laptop doesn’t charge
This can be either related to a faulty battery, faulty charger or is quite often a broken connector inside the laptop usually from when someone has tripped over the power cord while it is still plugged in. We can fix most of these issues, and we actually stock most of the internal connectors (DC Jacks) that the charger plugs in so you dont have to wait too long for us to fix the issue.

Insurance quotes
We do insurance quotes for $50. This is waived if the insurance company goes ahead with either a repair or replacement of the computer with us. If your home and contents insurance has accidental damage, you may be insured for dropping your notebook, spils, etc.

Install or reinstall windows
If you have purchased a new operating system or have an issue with your existing one and want a fresh start, we can install or reinstall your operating system. Most of the time with a reinstall your license for windows is stuck on the computer with a sticker. Bring in all software you need installed and we will backup install windows and copy all of your documents back after reinstalling.

Transfer everything from your old to new computer
Bring in both computers and we can help transfer everything across from your old computer and even help install common applications on your new computer such as Adobe Reader, Chrome, 7-Zip, Java, Flash, and do your windows updates so your new computer is ready to go.

Can’t connect to Wifi or Internet
Bring it into us and we can help fix the issue. It could be related to software or settings or may be a problem with your wireless or network adapter.

Computer locks up or crashes
This is often caused by a faulty hard disk or faulty RAM. Bring your computer into the workshop and we will quote you on fixing it. Hard Disks are not too pricey and if one has failed it may be a good idea to upgrade to a faster “SSD” hard disk.

Recover deleted or lost files off a hard drive
We have skilled technicians who have a high success rate at restoring deleted files or lost files on a corrupt hard drive. Even in the case of a physically damaged hard drive, files can often be recovered – however in this case it often needs to be sent away to a 3rd party and can be quite expensive.